Biggest Ice Fishing Tent and Shelters (Helpful Guide)

Whether you’re searching for the biggest one-person or family-sized ice fishing tent, the largest ice fishing, shelters, and sizes have been brought together here for your review!

Whether in a one-person flip-over or large popup tent with friends, I enjoy a little elbow room. Let’s take a look at the larger ice shelters available below!

Size Guide to Portable Ice Fishing Shelters

Are you looking for a quick reference table to find the biggest ice fishing tent for your needs? Look no further!

I contacted the top three ice fishing companies for their biggest and best portable ice fishing shelters. From a basic ice shanty to the best ice fishing shelter and hubs, you’ll find your shelter here.

After gathering the information and I have created two tables (hub and flip-over) showing the shelter sizes and the number of people they will hold for your convenience.

A. Biggest Hub Style Ice Fishing Tents

Make/Model# AnglersL x W inchesSq Ft
Eskimo Outbreak 850XD7-994″ x 180″114
Otter Vortex Monster Lodge6-8103″ x 170″112
Eskimo FatFish 9416i7-994″ x 167″109
Otter Vortex Resort6-875″ x 75″101
Clam X-600 Thermal5-711′ 6″ diam.94
Eskimo Outbreak 650XD5-7143″ x 135″94
Clam C-890 Thermal5-611′ 6″ diam.89
Otter Vortex Pro Lodge4-5114″ x 114″75
Eskimo Outbreak 450XD Limited4-5139″ x 138″75
Eskimo Outbreak 450XD4-5139″ x 138″75
Clam C-720 Thermal5-672″ x 144″72
Eskimo QuickFish 6i670″ x 140″68
Eskimo QuickFish 6670″ x 140″68
Otter Vortex Lodge 4-576″ x 99″64
Clam X-400 Thermal4-696″ x 96″64
Clam Jason Mitchell X50004-69′ diam.63.5
Clam X-500 Thermal4-69′ diam.63.5
Clam Stealth Spearfisher4-69′ diam.63.5
Eskimo Outbreak 350XD3-4126″ x 126″63
Eskimo FatFish 949iG3-494″ x 94″61
Eskimo FatFish 949i3-494″ x 94″61
Clam C-560 Thermal3-490″ x 90″56
Clam C-5603-490″ x 90″56
Eskimo Outbreak250XD2-3112″ x 112″51
Clam C-360 Thermal2-372″ x 72″36
Clam C-3602-372″ x 72″36
Otter Vortex Cabin2-370″ x 78″36
Eskimo QuickFish 3i370″ x 70″34
Eskimo QuickFish 3370″ x 70″34
Eskimo QuickFish 2i260″ x 60″25
Eskimo QuickFish 2260″ x 60″25
Photo of Ice Fishing in 1-person Fish Trap flip-over
Bluegill ice fishing in my one-man Fish Trap

B. Biggest Flip-Over Ice Fishing Shelters

Make/Model# AnglersL x W x H inchesSq Ft
Clam X400 Thermal4185″ x 75″ x 81″68
Clam X300 Pro Thermal3113″ x 86″ x 83″40
Otter XT Pro X-Over Resort384″ x 106″ x 80″35
Otter XT X-Over Resort384″ x 106″ x 80″35
Clam X200 Pro Thermal2113″ x 74″ x 82″34
Clam X200 Thermal2113″ x 74″ x 82″34
Otter XT Pro X-Over Lodge276″ x 98″ x 77″30
Otter XT X-Over Lodge274″ x 97″ x 77″ 30
Eskimo Eskape 2800270″ x 98″ x 79″30
Eskimo Eskape 2600264″ x 98″ x 77.5″27
Clam Jason Mitchell Thermal X293″ x 72″ x 75″26
Clam Voyager X Thermal293″ x 72″ x 75″26
Eskimo Eskape 2400260″ x 99″ 75.5″25.5
Clam Nanook XL Thermal292″ x 61″ x 69″23
Clam Nanook XL292″ x 61″ x 69″23
Clam Yukon XL Thermal293″ x 63″ x 75″23
Eskimo Sierra260″ x 84″ x 87″22.5
Eskimo Sierra Thermal260″ x 84″ x 67″22.5
Otter XT Pro X-Over Cabin266″ x 84″ x 70.5″22
Otter XT X-Over Cabin264″ x 84″ x 72.5″22
Otter XT Pro X-Over Cottage254″ x 77″ x 63″16.8
Otter XT X-Over Cottage254″ x 79″ x 65″16.8
Clam Legend XL Thermal192″ x 44″ x 67″16
Eskimo Wide 1 Inferno152″ x 97″ 60.5″14.8
Clam X100 Pro Thermal1109″ x 42″ x 70″14
Clam X100 Thermal1109″ x 42″ x 70″14
Otter XT Hideout1108″ x 39″ x 60″12.6
Clam Kenai Pro Thermal Stealth191″ x 37″ x 64″11
Clam Kenai Pro Thermal191″ x 37″ x 64″11
Clam Kenai Pro191″ x 37″ x 64″11

Planning on an overnight fishing trip on the ice?

Pro Tip: Read my article on sleeping in an ice fishing tent to make your overnight fishing trip the best!

A good hub ice shelter or tent with enough room to keep all your gear, heater, tackle, and accessories out of the way so you can fish all night is key!

Biggest Ice Fishing Shelter from Clam, Eskimo, and Otter

There are a few other brands that market ice fishing gear, tackle, and shelters. But for this, I’m sticking to what most will say are the “Top Three” companies.

When I’m putting down my money on a product, I want to be satisfied the products I’m purchasing are not only high-quality but backed by a strong customer service department.

In addition, when out on the ice, you’ll typically see Clam, Eskimo, and Otter, strongly represented by hardcore ice fishermen! If you’re brand-devoted, here are the biggest ice fishing shelters from the top three!

What Is the Biggest Ice Fishing Tent and Flip-Over Ice Shelter?

The biggest ice fishing tents and flip-over shelters are the Eskimo Outbreak 850XD shelter with 114 square feet of fishable space and the Clam X400 Thermal flip-over with 68 square feet of fishable area.

Both are solid, high-quality shelters from top companies!

Photo of Hub Shelters in Mountain Snow
Days like this you need ample room in a hub style popup

Clam Outdoors and Eskimo are two of the top three companies in the industry with premium products you see on the ice time and time again.

Those are the two overall biggest shelters on the market, but if you’re looking for brand-specific recommendations, you’ll find them below!

Clam Outdoors Biggest Flip-over and hub style

Clam Outdoors is an industry leader, and most of the shelters I see on the ice are of the “Blue” variety, with Otter Outdoors being a very popular tent as well.

Speaking for myself, I have owned numerous ice fishing flip-overs and hub-style popups in different sizes over the past thirty-plus years! So I speak from experience here.

Biggest Clam Flip-over

The biggest Clam Outdoors flip-over shelter is the Four-person X400 Thermal, with 68 total square feet of fishable area. Deluxe seating is back to back with 34 square feet of fishable ice on each side. The X400 Thermal weighs 170lbs with a center height of 81″.

  • Insulated, warm, and roomy for 4 persons
  • Side Door System for ease of entry and exit
  • A removable floor can be added as an accessory
  • Six doors
  • Three-year warranty, and more…

Biggest Clam Hub-style

The largest Clam Outdoors hub-style tent is the X-600 Thermal shelter, with 94 total square feet of fishable area. The X-600 Thermal weighs 60lbs with a center height of 90″.

  • Fishes 5-7 anglers
  • Heavy-duty X-600 removable floor (sold separately)
  • Six Ice Anchor straps and pockets for windy days
  • Over-sized carry bag and strap
  • Three-year warranty, and more…

Eskimo Biggest Flip-over and Hub Style

Biggest Eskimo Flip-over

The largest Eskimo flip-over is the Two-person Eskape 2800 shelter with 30 square feet of fishable area. The Eskape 2800 weighs 128lbs with a center height of 79″.

  • Fishes 2-3 persons
  • Oversized door
  • The tub wall has the thickest-in-class sidewall
  • 6 windows and 2 doors
  • 1-year warranty, and more…

Biggest Eskimo Hub-style

The largest Eskimo hub-style ice fishing shelter is the Outbreak 850XD shelter, with 114 square feet of fishable area. The outbreak 850XD weighs 68lbs with a center height of 80″

  • Fishes 7-9 Anglers
  • Oversized trip-proof door
  • Grey interior making it easier to see and fish
  • Larger fiberglass poles and ball and socket all-metal hub system
  • 1-year warranty, and more…

Otter Outdoors Biggest Flip-over and Hub Style

Biggest Otter Flip-over

The largest Otter Outdoors flip-over tent is the XT Pro X-Over Resort shelter, with 35 square feet of fishable area. The XT Pro X-Over Resort weighs 145lbs with a center height of 80″.

  • Fishes 3 persons
  • X-Over side entry doors
  • Rear access door to reach your gear without entering
  • Otter Pro Sled with molded-in hitch pockets
  • 1-year warranty, and more…

Biggest Otter Hub

The largest Otter Outdoors hub style is the Vortex Monster Lodge Hub shelter, with 112 square feet of fishable area. The Vortex Monster Lodge Hub weighs 68lbs and has a center height of 78″.

  • Fishes 6-8 persons
  • Propane hose port with hook and loop flap
  • Overhead cargo net and storage pockets
  • Anchor kit with 4 anchors
  • 1-year warranty on the tent, and more…
Photo of Ice Shelters
My one-person Clam Legend XL Ice Team Edition, Clam Kenai Pro Stealth, and Jason Mitchell 5000

Biggest One-Person Ice Shelter

My favorite shelters are the one-person shelters. Smaller and lighter, they are easier to pull behind when walking and fishing alone. Plus, you can add accessories to personalize them to your needs.

An advantage to using a lighter one-person ice shelter is the ability to place all of your gear inside the tub and easily pull it behind you.

I currently fish out of the Clam Legend XL Thermal shelter, one of the largest one-person ice shelters available in the market today, with 16 square feet of fishable area.

My Clam Legend XL Ice team Edition is on the left in the photo above. Next to my Kenai Pro Stealth and my favorite pop-up hub style shelter, the Jason Mitchell 5000 Thermal that I’ve had for years!

I’ve added accessories to hold my ice rods, light the interior, and hang up my heavy coats when I have the Mr. Heater Buddy Jr going.

Ice fishing out of the insulated Legend XL shelter is an easy fit. Not overly heavy and the Legend XL will carry the ice fishing gear I need for the day.

Clam Legend XL Thermal

  • Fully insulated with 800 Denier fabric
  • 67″ center height
  • Weighs 60lbs
  • Lighter color grey plastic tub – Easier to locate gear
  • Under-seat hammock for add’l gear storage
  • 3-year warranty, and more…

I am not a fan of a hub-style shelter for ice fishing by myself unless I am driving onto the ice. If walking, you’ll have to carry the shelter, and it gets tiring!

Being a bigger guy at 6’1″, I would opt for the Clam C-360 Thermal shelter. A solid 72″ x 72″ and 36 square feet, this shelter weighs in at 36lbs, especially if I had transportation onto the ice!

I would most likely recommend the Eskimo QUickFish 2i shelter for most of you walking. It is reasonably priced, insulated, and weighs in at 28.5lbs.

Clam C-360 Thermal

  • Fully-insulated
  • 80″ center height
  • Weighs 36lbs
  • Easy to set up and pack down
  • Oversized skirt for banking snow, and more…

Eskimo QuickFish 2i

  • Fully-insulated
  • 67″ center height
  • Weighs 28.5lbs
  • 60-second setup
  • Self-tapping ice screws
  • Removable window panels, and more…

Biggest Two-Person Ice Shelter

The largest two-person ice fishing shelter from the top three manufacturers is the Outbreak 250XD pop-up at 51 square feet from Eskimo.

The largest two-person flip-over model is the Clam X200, with 34 square feet of area.

Eskimo Outbreak 250XD – Pop-Up Style

  • 51 square feet of ice fishing area
  • Fully-insulated
  • 77″ center height
  • Weighs 38lbs
  • 6 ice anchors
  • 7 windows
  • 2 gear nets, 2 mesh pockets
  • 1-year warranty, and more…

Clam X200 Pro Thermal

  • 34 square feet of ice fishing area
  • Fully insulated with 1800 denier fabric
  • 82″ standing height
  • Weighs 152lbs
  • 1 1/4″ pole system
  • Accessories – travel cover, battery bracket, dimmable large light stick, and more
  • 3-year warranty, and more…

Final Thoughts

You’ll have to choose the type and size of shelter that will fit your basic ice fishing needs the best. Compare whether you want an insulated or non-insulated ice fishing tent.

When I’m walking, I’ll pull a one-man flip-over behind me with my gear for the day tucked inside of it. If I’m on my ATV or snowmobile, I may tow it behind with my gear inside of it.

The Jason Mitchell 5000 Thermal only comes out when I take friends or kids for the first few times to introduce them to the sport and want to keep them out of the weather.

For the most part, when I’m on the ice, I wear an ice suit, the Clam Outdoors Ice Armor Extreme, and use my one-man flip to haul my gear! Seriously, a good ice suit is like wearing an ice shelter on your body.

But you need to decide what’s best for yourself, and with the information above, you should be well on your way!

Have fun and stay safe out there!

Mike Rodman

Mike is an avid ice fisherman and fishes the Rocky Mountain Region and across the US Ice Belt and Canada. During the off-winter months, he enjoys fly fishing the Wyoming mountains and fishing from his kayak for pike and smallmouth bass. When Mike can find a little spare time, he'll be at his rod bench building custom fishing rods.

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